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 “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could, just for a moment, step out of the rush of your life into a place of calm? That’s the power of Meditative Moments. They allow you to briefly step away from your external life and move into a quiet space within, then return more peacefully back into your day. 

Meditative Moments is an 18-minute webinar created by Lucia Amsden and Deborah Singleton, that invites you to live more of your life from the inner calm of your spiritual center. 

Lucia, the presenter, provides you with a variety of Meditative Moments, and helps you discover ways to weave this effective spiritual practice into your day. You will find that, over time, your stress burden will decrease, and you will be more able to experience the buffeting of modern life without losing your balance.”





Modern life is so charged with stress, that we can become chronically trapped in a fight-or-flight emotional state. There is a simple way, however, to train our brains, so that we can use our memories of joyful moments to bring ourselves to a place of quiet resilience.

When you find yourself unable to sleep because of anxiety, snapping at your family for no good reason, unable to focus on a conversation with a friend becauseyou are preoccupied with the challenges in your life, its time to build resilience. Neuroscientists have discovered that we can re-wire our brains, so that the peace of joyful memories can give us the spiritual, physical, and mental resilience we need to move more easily through difficulties.


Changing Challenges to Resilience, guides you through a visualization that uses your positive heart-filled memories, to reduce your stress from challenges. You will learn how to tap into your joyful moments anytime, so they can lighten you up and increase your emotional resilience.

Enjoy this 20-minute MP3 audio conversation with Lucia anywhere, and download the short 2-page summary for a reminder of her important points.


When you were a child, did adults sometimes instruct you to count your blessings, particularly when you were upset?

In that advice was the seed of an important truth. When you appreciate and count your blessings, you energize your mind with good thoughts and feel better physically. You open your heart to the good in yourself and in your world.

Quite simply, when you feel grateful, you tap into a powerful spiritual force that makes you more content and appreciative of who you are and what you have in your life, and more positively connected with the people around you.

Lucia Amsden demonstrates the importance of gratefulness as a central focus of our lives, and practical tools to make it happen.

Enjoy this 20-minute MP3 audio conversation with Lucia and download the
2-page summary for a reminder of her important points.







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