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Healing Moments - Week 9

Sweet Dreams


     I am the most generous to myself when I focus on areas in my life
that strengthen and nurture my spirit’s walk on the earth.

     The room we sleep in is especially important for our well-being because it is where we visit the world of dreams. We are in our bedroom for over a third of our life. It is where we are most open and unguarded.

     What does our bedroom look like? Are the colors pleasing? Is it cluttered or orderly? Is a television going non-stop? Is our bed comfortable? Are there pictures and special objects that make us happy? Does the room feel like a sanctuary, or is it just like any other room?

     What do we think about before drifting off to sleep? If we have watched the late news, we will probably carry into our sleep images of violence and unhappiness. If we have been on the telephone with a friend who is upset, their feelings will impact our sleep.

Here are some ideas to try before going to bed:

•   Unplug the telephone in your bedroom.
•   Read an elevating book that releases the worries of the day.
•   Drink a cup of chamomile tea or place a touch of lavender on your wrist to relax.
•   Breathe into your body calm, quiet energy, and breathe out the stress of the day.
•   Visualize calm and peaceful energy flowing into an opening at the top of your
     head and slowly moving throughout your entire body.

Become mindful of things that create a gentle night’s sleep for you.
Honor your bedroom and your sleep, and your life will be more peaceful and happy.



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