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   Healing Moments - Week 19





Perfect Timing






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 Even though I push to make things happen, nothing seems to be moving ahead.
I know that things happen in their own time. This waiting time is important to
my growth because it allows for integration and maturation within.

     We are sometimes impatient that goals and dreams take so long to reach. Here is a true story that illustrates how all creative endeavors have a special timing.

     There was a famous Japanese painter who was world-renowned for his paintings of bamboo. An American visiting Japan wanted to bring an original work back to the United States as a present for her brother. She contacted the artist and asked if she could purchase one of his bamboo paintings, and if she could visit his studio to watch him at work. The day the painting was to be created she went to the studio and saw the artist seated quietly in the corner meditating, while the scroll that he was to work on stretched blank and untouched along a wall. The artist rose from his meditative pose, went over to the scroll, picked up his pen, poised to begin, and then quietly placed the pen back down and returned to his corner.

     As the day passed, the American made several trips to the artist’s studio and found him as always in his meditative place. She was becoming increasingly impatient. Was this man going to complete the bamboo painting before she had to leave? What was taking so long? Why didn’t he get started?

     Finally, on her last visit an amazing thing happened. The artist rose from his meditative corner, walked over to the scroll, picked up his calligraphy pen and in a burst of incredible energy created in a very few minutes a beautiful work of art. Later, the American asked the artist how he could complete this work of art in a matter of minutes. The artist answered that he didn’t; that all his time of preparation was a vital part of the creative process.

     Often we want to create something in our lives before we are truly ready for it. It may seem you will never develop a deep, loving relationship, or receive recognition for the important contribution you have made, or the writing muse seems stymied indefinitely. These are the times we need to develop an attitude of trust and anticipation. A good way to begin building trust is by mentally reviewing and perhaps even writing down experiences when there was “perfect timing” in the way events unfolded, even though we may have not understood it at the time. Often we realize in hindsight that if a particular event had occurred any earlier, we wouldn’t have been ready for all the experience had to offer us.

     Also, listen to your negative thoughts about why things aren’t happening- I’m too old, I’m not good enough, or things always pass me by. Negative thoughts have the power to keep us in the same place, so we do not move forward when the time finally is right. We need to watch for and embrace small opportunities that come our way to align with our hopes and dreams. What we attend to grows; being open and receptive to opportunities encourages our focus.

     It is important to consciously turn your thoughts into action. Encourage the development you want by asking yourself this question: “What one small step might I take to keep energy moving toward my desired dream?” Take that step and imagine and feel within your body what it would be like to have your dreams becoming a reality.

     There is an American Indian saying, “You cannot make corn grow faster by pulling on it.” Our processes are the same-they require the proper time to unfold.

     When we trust in the flow of “perfect timing”, we are honoring the time of creative potential that forms and gives substance to our dreams.

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