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     In the dark center of winter is February and smack dab in the center of February is Valentine’s Day, one of the brightest moments of the year. While the earth rests and plants huddle deep in their roots, we open our hearts and celebrate our love and connection.

     Even though we usually think of romance and children trading cards with their classmates on Valentine’s Day, it’s also a good time to appreciate all the others who enrich our world. Smiles and hugs are free, whether they are for a favorite checker at the grocery, a friend who enriches our daily lives, or even (or maybe especially) our dog or cat who gives us unconditional love every day of the year.

     And finally, of course, we should always remember the person to whom we are closest, the one who we tend to appreciate the least, ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, in the midst of all your appreciation for others, remember to give yourself a hug. Come to think of it, why don’t you give yourself a hug every single day of the year.


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